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From the moment I held a camera for the first time and captured my first pictures, I realized something very special. See these happy faces, it was the precursor to that conditioned my career today. With five years in a photo school in Nimes, training and experience of life – the smell of darkroom chemicals is never far away – my dreams to capture the most memorable moments for others led me to photographing weddings and families, love. These moments are so special for you, so are for me!

The Team
  • The Team

  • This a familial team: Laurent et Mireille, we are parents of two funky twins girls, French awarded photographers based in the southern France. We live in Beziers with our twins girls and our dog!

    But we move in worldwide: Perpignan, Toulouse, French riviera, Paris, Geneve, Tunisia, Spain, Switzerland and even Thailand for report your nice story.
    Sometimes, we cry, but always we smile with you during this amazing day, it's very important for create a real memories.

Our Philosophy
  • Our Philosophy

  • Specialized in wedding, engagement and wedding portrait photography. We offer a style of real and fresh photography influenced by photojournalism with our natural film style, now recognized since 2000.

    Our goal is to capture a love story of the bride and groom approach. Working secretly and quietly is our leitmotiv for create a nice ambience for give to your young and future generations a great memories . Give us all your dream and our team transforming this in a beautiful and amazing love story.

  • Location

  • 68 Route de Murviel
    34500, Beziers, France
    Monday – Friday 9:30am – 6pm
    Saturday/Sunday 10:00am – 6pm

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