This pretty wedding Aveyron Chateau de Fayet on a theme  » spring summer  » in Orange and gray colors nectarine started by a beautiful morning of June 22 in the small town of Saint-Afrique of Eve or Nicolas originated before fly to Britain to it dragged on to school here . When he asked Eve to marry , it was necessarily where they wanted to organize their wedding in Aveyron in the castle of Fayet. Getting ready of Eve and Nicolas therefore took place in the childhood home of the groom, under the watchful eye of his father who ensured that tie and cufflinks are placed correctly on the super suit in CAD ​​and the DANDY . Eve was wearing a beautiful braid on the side enhanced by a nice bun made ​​by the living JEAN VALLEY wedding specialist in Saint -Afrique . Dad Nicolas is a former municipality that is actually a pleasure to join in the beautiful wedding hall of the municipality of Saint-Afrique . After direction Camarès to lay their ceremony of wedding Aveyron chateau de Fayet. This beautiful castle in the heart of Aveyron, built on a hillock overlooking the valley was built in 1564 by Guy de Castelnau -Bretenoux. After going down the long avenue of limes and chestnuts, the castle appears to us with a beautiful view of the courtyard, there will be held the same or secular ceremony and later the cocktail. While Eve dress changed any discretion helped her bridesmaids in a stunning castle rooms – one more surprise for Nicolas who was not aware – Mom finished putting up a floral decoration of the original made ​​of flowers Aveyronnais fields in glass bottles of different shapes and sizes, painted white by itself, really good idea. Eve was ready, his mom gave him her bouquet and she was waiting for her dad to pick her up, and he uncovered his daughter in her elegant dress Pronovias, he could not contain his excitement any longer and tears poured his … entered the courtyard of Fayet with her daughter in arms triggered thunderous applause and Nicolas, the balcony also was filled with difficult to contain before the congregation of friends and relatives emotion. It was time for our two lovers Franco -English to say « YES » ! After the speeches of married friends, the cocktail hour was come, that moment was all the more appreciated that emotions were strained throat dry our guests. Each taking a glass of Champagne rosé in hand we took advantage of the low sun of the late afternoon, we eclipsed a moment to make some more intimate wedding Aveyron chateau de Fayet . Guests waiting quietly in the beautiful room with our arms to toast newlyweds and wish them all the happiness in the world. After a delicious meal served by Sarabelle Catering gold medalist for their foie gras, delicious cake, it was for me to finish this beautiful wedding at Chateau de Fayet Aveyron.

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