She is pregnant … it will be Dad … they wanted to get married in privacy in France , in the heart of the Cevennes . When Claire contacted me , she knew that her request would touch me , so I took the road to Saint Jean du Gard to meet them. What a great meeting , sometimes a few words are enough , they knew I knew that we will agree perfectly and successful wedding in Cevennes . In life the simplest things are often the most successful , so in this small castle in the heart of Bussas Cévènnes , immediate family of Claire and Greg have prepared everything themselves, some lanterns to decorate a beautiful table setting , pretty flowers, catering ORONGE HOTEL Saint Jean du Gard looked after the meal and cake, everything was ready to begin this beautiful secular ceremony of wedding in Cevennes . While preparations were begun in the beautiful rooms of the castle Bussas . Claire was preparing feverishly assisted by her sister, while on his side , quietly, Greg dressed with a blue suit simplicity equals elegance so British ! That’s when Claire , the arm of her Dad made ​​its debut at the top of the steps of the staircase leading to the apartments of the castle Bussas . Greg , whose hope was correct in his British phlegm was still excited to discover his sweetheart in her beautiful dress also very simple but exquisite delicacy , the image of the expectant mother. While secular ceremony could begin, the officiant , a very sweet lady and full of British humor is perfectly filled the role and led the ceremony with simplicity and emotion. After the traditional « french kiss » it was time to wander for our walk in love. Area Castle Bussas suitable perfectly in this game of seduction, we made beautiful wedding in Cevennes thanks to the simplicity of this lovely couple and mild weather that we reserved in his most beautiful sky azure . Is to not see the time passing , that’s when the familiar sound of champagne corks pop reminded us that the order was indeed a very timely because with the sunshine that warmed the marriage in Cévenole earth, everyone was very thirsty . After the mandatory speechs respective dads, the brother , the sis , mom … the meal started followed by the equally usual showpiece which closed this unforgettable wedding in Cevennes.

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